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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lenny Curry's chilling words, he wants to be just like Vitti

From Florida Politics

On the matter of policy, Curry said priorities were education, public safety, and children’s issues.
“Education isn’t under our purview,” Curry said, but he is looking to influence the process going forward, and follow on the reform vision of Nikolai Vitti.
Oy vey I just spit out my milk there. What Curry said was very chilling.
First this is the same Vitti who left us in a budget mess that Curry has publicly complained about but hey whats 21 million missing dollars. 
Vitti is also the same guy that left teacher morale in ruins and while running a district with a reading problem got rid of most of our books and librarians, but hey Curry wants to emulate him  
Curry's other big education idols are Jason Fischer, the only candidate Curry endorsed last cycle who quit the school board and who has championed legislation that will hurt our schools, and Gary Chartrand who pulls both Curry and Fischer's strings.
Curry just directed at the expense of other schools the JCC to give Chartrand's KIPP school hundreds of thousands of dollars for an after school program which dwarfs all others.   
I said it before why should Chartrand buy a school board when he can just buy a mayor.
The last thing we need is Curry who is apparently a huge hypocrite as well as being bought off by Chartrand meddling in our schools.
Get ready for the mayor to try and take over the schools, which would be an unprecedented disaster.
These are troubling times.

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  1. Seems like we are heading to an appointed school board. If you can't beat em, appoint em.