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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A parent sticks up for teachers at schools that had surprise surpluses. The district should have too.

Teaching is not an easy gig, and each school faces unique problems and challenges, that being said, teachers at our poorest schools go through a lot and that isn't including the potential of being unceremoniously dumped days before they are supposed to report.   

From a parent

These are the things that the teachers at a school that lost 7 teachers has told me about the kids at her school: 

Their classroom roll call changes monthly, generally around the 1st or the 15th, when rent's are due and families relocate quickly. 

Many keep a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread in their desk because of the kids who are sent to school without having had breakfast. 

They have kids who don't get a good night sleep because they get woken up when their parent picks them up from the friend or relative who watches them while the parent is working. 

They have to run to lost and found to find a coat for a child who was sent to school on a freezing cold day wearing shorts and a tank shirt! 

Parents rarely show up for conferences. Yet, somehow, when these kids perform poorly on tests, it is the fault of the teacher????

Now it's going to the fault of the state who demanded their removal days before they were supposed to report and the district who didn't fight for them and let it happen. We have a lot of problems in education, not even on the list is the teachers who were unceremoniously surplussed days before they were supposed to report. 

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