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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is Lenny Curry going to appoint Gary Chartrand to the Children's Commission? Ron Littlepage seems to think so.

Why buy a school board when you can buy a mayor?

Lenny Curry wants to reorganize the Jacksonville Children's Commission which recently gave an unprecedented amount of money to Chartrand's Kipp school, ahh heck, let me let Ron Littlepage say it.

From the Times Union:

Curry hasn’t said who the seven board members will be, but a hint can be found that they won’t have to be Duval County residents if “they have a substantial business interest in Duval County.” Hello, Ponte Vedra.

Hmm, from Ponte Vedra, why that is where Gary Chartrand lives.

We are watching our city be taken over by a millionaire ideologue who don't know what he is doing.

Chartrand is the villain of the story.


  1. I think that this situation is unfortunate. They are like dogs with a bone waving in their faces. What they have done to these teachers is not only disgusting but deplorable. Many of these teachers have families and to be uprooted at the last second is truly unfair. Where is the union? Why are they not pushing the button to get all 35 teachers placed before MOnday first day of school for the kids. Do they think this is fair to the children of Duval county? I think not.

  2. I'm just guessing but I'm pretty sure his kids probably go to public schools(sounds good in campaign ads) but I doubt those schools are North or West of the river. He might cry crocodile tears for our most vulnerable citizens but his actions speak louder than words. He may have loved Vitti but every time I hear the words "transformational leader" I run the opposite direction.

  3. Note the name of Curry's proposed new commission: "Kids HOPE Alliance." (Emphasis mine.) Could he be any more obvious?!

  4. Friday 8/11/17 8:00 p.m. This update is from Mark Felt, one of the 35 surplussed teachers last Friday, one week ago. I've had an interesting week at my new, assigned school. I thought my experiences might help some of my colleagues, surplussed or not. Plus, comments added in response may help myself and many more teachers.
    Earlier this week, I interviewed at several schools with vacancies- after being told by someone in HR this was permissible. I interviewed twice in one day at an "A" school, and actually was offered the position. Near my home, a great principal and staff (met team during the second interview), thought this was a dream...well! The next day, hearing nothing, I called this wonderful person only to be told by the principal, Mr. Felt, something's happened and HR won't let me hire you. I called the same office- the one in our reassignment letter- only to be told, very brusquely I thought, that no sir "you absolutely cannot interview at this time. We'll tell you where your assignment is" when it's decided upon. And no, it won't be in 10 days, that's not what the letter says (which is correct).
    The 10-day period is as veteran teachers know, when each school's yearly budget is derived, using each school's attendance on this one day. This is what's used to determine how many teachers, staff, etc. to hire at each school.
    So this was deflating, to say the least, especially after the week I had at my newly "assigned" school. I'm assigned to a school with no openings and this is something else I told personnel when I called them. The spokesperson denied they would ever do that, again brusquely I thought. I said but I'm told that by the principal and they simply didn't believe me. So what, now I'm a liar? I didn't argue with them- as they weren't going to change their minds!
    So upon reflection- I had plenty of time to reflect today, spending hours performing meaningless tasks- that I'm in a Virtual Jail. Especially after a colleague told me today how a teacher at their school, transferred to a turnaround school. (Why? Must like working in a dangerous environment, administratively!) How can veterans transfer now; how can schools hire brand new teachers this week; how can I not accept an open position? It's simple: I'm in Virtual Jail, similar to the Virtual School. I think this is where they got the concept. I'm being punished for doing all I could at my old school, including structuring my class exactly as I was told to! I followed their instructions loyally and faithfully, and look at the appreciation I get in return- not to mention results, not that I've seen anything or heard anything yet.
    And I thought later today, if I don't get a class til say late September or early October, and we still use some version of a VAM: my kids will not be prepared as they haven't had a teacher all that time. Substitutes are no substitute for a full-time teacher! (Disclaimer, I was a substitute and I've had some very good substitute teachers.) So, 2 or 3 weeks later, when the October FTE window opens, all of a sudden now I'm responsible for this class! What if they don't perform well? It'll be my responsibility entirely.
    So to close, some veterans can transfer (probably because they put in for a voluntary surplus last May); new teachers can be hired- even into my "assigned" school, and I can't even apply for a position. At any other job, you can apply for an open position anytime- but not DCPS, and perhaps other districts. Why does a 10 year veteran not have seniority over a newly hired teacher? Because we're held in a special list of 35 at the DCPS Virtual Jail. (My fellow surplussees don't know this, because as far as I know they were assigned to schools WITH openings). Hey, I found the bright side: they let me out (on time!) every night to see my wife!