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Monday, August 28, 2017

Scott Shine shows a complete lack of leadership, while blogging

Let that bit of irony set in for a second.

When discussing HB 7069 instead of being a leader of our school system, he attempted to justify his complete lack of leadership and voted not support a lawsuit against the disastrous bill. He basically had a word salad full of reasons.

The best predictor of the future is the past

Shine says the lawsuit is a loser because in the past other lawsuits have failed. If we are looking at the past, we see that the Florida Legislature has been openly hostile towards public education and on balance public education has just gone along. If we're not going to push back now, then when? Shine would prefer us to wait until public education is irrevocably destroyed. 

Public schools need funding now

Shine says if we start a law suit then the legislature will be less willing to fund public education. Mr. Shine has apparently been vacationing in clueless land because the legislature has never properly funded public education. Furthermore Shine initially supported HB 7069 because he thought the legislature was going to add a hundred dollars in per pupil funding, unfortunately they ended up adding just 17 dollars. I think its safe to say, he's just guessing about what they may and may not do.

The concern of retaliation

This one made my head hurt. Tallahassee is like a bully that nobody stood up to and got more and more aggressive hence we are where we are at. Saying they might do something to further harm public education is like saying puppies are cute and the sky is blue, it's a foregone conclusion. We can take it or fight back because the truth is if Tallahassee cared about public education they wouldn't have passed HB 7069 in the first place.

Litigation as an option

Here he says we shouldn't bother because it takes time and we may lose. Well if we don't bother and if we don't take the time we definitely know what will happen. For profit companies will get more money without any oversight and our pubic schools will lose millions of dollars and be further hurt. I wonder if this is Shine's philosophy on everything, oh why take out the garbage, there will be just more tomorrow.

He finished with his worst and most pathetic reason of all.

The conflict of democracy

Basically he says, because people who were elected passed the bill it must be what people want. A few weeks back he said many of the people who voted for it were ignorant, they didn't know what was in it, and gutless, they were afraid of Richard Corcoran, now he is changing his tune. The people of district 2 elected him to be a zealous advocate for our schools and they as sure as heck didn't get what they expected, I would guess that is the case in Tallahassee as well. 

Scott Shine showed a complete lack of leadership but sadly nothing is new there and then tried to justify it with ridiculous and specious reasoning.

District 2, you have to do better.

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