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Saturday, August 19, 2017

About that new paper work your principal wants you to do.

Don’t do it, unless it has been approved the right way.

New paperwork must go through your shared decision-making committee and principals must give teachers input.

Every department should be represented at SDMC meetings and then those representatives should take any new proposals back to their departments.

Your principal cannot just give you more forms to fill out because in their infinite wisdom they think it will help. Principals’ are supposed to be instructional leaders, not instructional tyrants who rule by fiat.

From the contract:

1. Identification of Forms - The district and DTU have collaboratively identified those workload documents/forms which shall be required for use by all districts for 2015-2016. Only those district approved forms, which shall be identified and marked as DCPS forms and made available on the district’s official website, shall be required by teachers at any district school. The initial number of required forms shall not exceed twenty (20), inclusive al all elementary and secondary forms. No one level, elementary or secondary, shall have more than ten required forms. Other optional forms shall be provided but not required. Schools may utilize the waiver process to approve other forms on a school-wide basis.

2. Addition of Subsequent District Forms – Prior to approval of any additional required, DCPS forms, the district shall first consult with DTU and shall provide the rationale, authority (i.e. federal/state requirement, Pupil Progression Plan, etc.) and proposed method for training teachers in the use of the newly required form. DTU shall be provided a reasonable opportunity to provide input in the forms format prior to implementation.

3. Training – The parties shall jointly develop training for teachers and school–based administrators on the use and requirements of the approved forms prior to requiring teachers to implement them. Training shall occur at the district or school level during school hours at no additional complementation to teachers. Any training occurring after work hours or during the summer shall be voluntary and compensation shall be as negotiated by the parties.

Look we have some great principals who are going to do things the right way, but then we have some bullies masquerading as administrators too who are going to try and steam roll teachers too. Don’t let them.

Furthermore demand your union representatives make sure your schools do it the right way, that is why they are there.  

I get it, it can be scary to push back, especially for teachers on one-year contracts, but you can be a victim and most likely miserable or stand up for yourself.


  1. Great reminder at just the right time.

  2. The principals are not worrying about the union or the forms, now that they are making us put "everything" online. You would be amazed at what is going on.