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Saturday, August 12, 2017

District staff should fill openings until teachers can be found

I went to a nearly worthless six hour training this week, administered by several district staff. I thought to myself, if you are going to read a power point to me, why not just send it to me and not waste my and several hundred other teacher's time.

I don't know if these district staff could make it in the classroom, but it's time we found out.

We have about 175 openings. (Know anybody with a bachelor's degree, that needs a job?)

Dozens of which could be filled by district staff. Instead of telling us what to do, they could show us.

Though I guess more than a few might be to busy making power points.

Look undoubtedly we have a lot of great people working for the district, and now should be the time to show it.


I don't really give Kudos to people but I wanted to give one to my principal Micheal Alexander. Not only did he feed us three times but he kept meetings short and gave us lots of time to work in our rooms. I heard from dozens of teachers across the district about how little time they had to do so. The district should look at cutting down on meetings during pre planning and increasing time teachers can spend in their rooms or it should offer teachers a few paid days to work on their rooms before pre planning. Teachers should not have to work for free to get their rooms ready. 


  1. You know how they say "Those who can't do, teach"?
    Well, I had my own saying when I worked for DCPS: "Those who can't teach, teach teachers." Lol 😂

  2. I would hope DTU could do something about this but after checking out their website they don't really inspire alot of confidence.

  3. Note that he is a former employee or I'm sure he would be too afraid of retaliation to use his name.

  4. Most of the positions are at turn around schools. They are filling them with subs.I have a friend who is at one of this schools, they lost 5 teachers, being replaced right now by subs. Great idea! As the teacher who resigned mentioned, who will teach in those schools and why would you risk the same thing happening to you.

    As someone who has worked in a for profit Charter school, no they are not the answer. Poor pay, students run the school,because we need to keep those butts in seats, funds meant for curriculum spent at the corporate offices.

    Looking at other options besides teaching.