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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jason Fischer is a hypocrites hypocrite

Seriously folks his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Despite the fact Fischer had to help craft the 16-17 school year budget and despite the fact that his superintendent, Nikolai Vitti was in day to day control of the budget and despite the fact that DCSB has called for an independent audit already and despite the fact the district had the money to cover the money and didn't dip below the statutory reserves limit, Fischer continues to attempt to bully the board.

Jason Fischer is an embarrassment and I am just going to say it, if you voted for him you are embarrassment too. Why would you vote for somebody who doesn't care about you or doing whats right for you? Is it because he had a little r next to his name.

He quit on the school board which he only ran for after his attempt at the soil and water board failed.

He is nothing but a self promoter, who cares only about himself and advancing his career which a few thousand of you have given him.

Enough is enough guys, how about at the very least voting for your self interests, strong schools, and a representative who is responsive to your needs, rather than this guy.

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