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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Florida ties the hands and seeks to cripple our most vulnerable schools

The state of Florida isn't really even pretending it cares about our most vulnerable schools anymore. First it slashes the way title one funds are allocated causing them to lose resources and staff, then the state demanded districts get rid of hundreds of teachers just before the start of the school year, exacerbating their vacancy issues, and now just as school is starting the state is seeking to limit who can work at the schools. It's absolutely shameful what the state is doing.

This is from the state and please note when it was sent.

I wish all the kids at these schools could have veteran teachers with proven track records, but at the very least d you know what they need? A teacher. These schools are already hard to staff and the state just continues to make it harder and harder. Basically this memo is saying no new teachers and no veteran teachers willing to teach out of field, though who wants to be there is a Teach for America loophole hiding somewhere.

The kids at these schools deserve a chance. The communities these schools are in deserve a chance too. The state however is doing everything they can to stack the deck against them.

A memo like this should not exist, a memo like this sent to schools the Friday before kids report is education malpractice.

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