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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Step up for Students takes Florida’s taxpayer to the cleaners

With a nod to Scathing Purple Musings:

Only in Florida is this possible. The state of Florida gave Step up for Students 6.9 million dollars last year to manage the states voucher program. Step up for Students then turned around and spent 1.5 million dollars to support pro voucher candidates who would presumably funnel more money into the states vouchers program meaning the state would give Step up for Students even more money.

And if you just said “what the beep” then you aren’t the only one.

Two more things, students who use vouchers, who take public money to attend private schools don’t have any accountability standards. I am sure some are getting great educations, who knows, maybe most are, but the thing is nobody knows.

Second 6.9 million dollars would fund about 125 art teachers; unfortunately the state government would rather line the pockets of private enterprises with management fees (see most charter schools) than invest in our students and schools.  

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