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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bill Gates Expensive Flop

From State Impact by John Connor

University of Arkansas education professor Jay P. Greene has weighed in on the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation’s conclusions about its teacher evaluation study.
Greene says the foundation’s conclusions were based on the politics of convincing teachers and school districts of the merits of evaluations, and not data. He takes particular aim at classroom observations, which he says the Gates data shows do not improve evaluations:
It’ll cost a fortune, it doesn’t improve the identification of effective teachers, but we need to do it to overcome resistance from teachers and others.  Not only will this not work, but in spinning the research as they have, the Gates Foundation is clearly distorting the straightforward interpretation of their findings: a mechanistic system of classroom observation provides virtually nothing for its enormous cost and hassle.  Oh, and this is the case when no stakes were attached to the classroom observations.  Once we attach all of this to pay or continued employment, their classroom observation system will only get worse…
So, rather than having “figured out what makes a good teacher” the Gates Foundation has learned very little in this project about effective teaching practices.  The project was an expensive flop.  Let’s not compound the error by adopting this expensive flop as the basis for centrally imposed, mechanistic teacher evaluation systems nationwide.

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  1. Our country is in bad shape because of the unnecessary laws implemented for everyone's benefits.
    For example: 1. Many charity organizations are abusing laws for their gain. (Only one is good that we all know and that is Red Cross Swiss philanthropist Henri Dunant 1828–1910 Geneva)
    1. US philanthropists donate billions of dollars for kids, (that's a good job - IF ITS TRUE) In fact big donors, they open charitable organizations for themselves and use their people or their president and take advantage of the tax deductions, (theft #1) take control of the charity ask people to donate (theft #2) use donated money to make vaccines or sort of health, Religion, education (theft #3) and sell vaccines and health care systems (just to mention a few) to our kids that was meant to be free (theft #4) now hard working families pay for second time. Once give donation and second time buy what was already paid with their tax money (I would call this a double dip - just unbelievable). We end up trillions in debt each year…
    Lets go a step further. Can you believe our citizens have been paying fraudulent income tax since 1913 (tax money that was supposed to be used to balance our state on gold, just imagine the price of gold 100 years ago verses today. US would absolutely be in great strength and way above the balance of our economy. Our economy from hard working people in this country today is around 8 Trillion a year). What happen on 1913? President Wilson signed in to law 100 years ago. You see for this reason we should conclude that it is easy to sign in to law but hard to remove a bad law.

    In the other hand philanthropist are to busy when you need them, because they rushing 501(c) organizations to receive donation. Government corrupting it's own self signing new law's and 501(c) organizations corrupting people.
    I would say same as the speaker of the house Mr. Boehner: "If you came here to get some kind of victory the door is right behind you".