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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Gov. Scott, are you kidding me? You are going to pay me more?

Rick Scott said today he wanted to use some of Florida’s expected surplus to give teachers a raise. That’s great news, except they got the surplus by stealing three percent of teacher’s salary. Now it’s not so great news.

Also last I looked, the DCSB sets my salary not the state of Florida but I guess it would be asking the governor too much to know that. Maybe he’ll give districts more money and ask them to use that on teachers, though right off the bat its got to be 3% to get me back to what I made in 2011 and five percent to get me back to what I made in 2010, oh the district skipped a step increase too, it would be nice to get that back as well.

Look, gov, I understand you are mad scrambling to create some good will to help you get reelected and where I am appreciative of the pay me more sentiment, not optimistic it will happen mind you, do you really think no matter what you do teachers are going to forgive and forget all the damage you have wrought over the last few years? Probably not.      

Though I could be wrong. John Thrasher is still there after all.  

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