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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Becki Couch: vouchers or high stakes tests, one has to go.

Public money pays for vouchers at private schools and public money pays for public schools and Becki Couch perhaps inadvertently explained why having both makes no sense.
From the Times Union:
Board members Becki Couch and Ashley Smith Juarez are among those who voiced misgivings, especially given that some students who don’t test well may meet the other requirements.
“At what point do we take ownership for the fact that kids will have a 2.0 GPA and all their credits and yet can’t pass a basic test,” Couch asked. “Are we saying it’s just the student’s fault?”
Couch noted that students in private schools or who are home schooled don’t have to take state-required tests to get diplomas.
“By putting this policy in place, we’re taking away a rite of passage,” she said, “that had that kid gone to private school, he would have been able to cross the stage” and get a diploma.
One thing has to go vouchers or the test, because both are funded with your money and it is incongruent that they exist together.

Interestingly enough often the supporters of vouchers are also the biggest supporters of high stakes testing, well when private schools are exempt from them that is.

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  1. There is a very large population of parents who only care about appearances, not education, not behavior, not responsibility, and they will not stand for having their graduation party squashed with all the aunts and uncles finding out that Junior did not graduate. This will be the end of Vitti.

    You heard it here first. If Vitti does not capitulate on this one, he will be gone by Christmas 2016.

    The bottom quartile will eat him alive. I am reserving front row seats for this one.