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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Only one in four students who received a voucher was zoned to a D or F graded school

According to Florida State University, who studies the state voucher program, three in four students who receive vouchers have chosen to leave successful public schools. You should read that again and let it sink in.  

It means that only one in four students who received a voucher was zoned to go to a D or F graded school. It also means that seventy five percent of students who received vouchers chose to leave the public school system for a reason that has nothing to do with academics.

Since nearly three quarters of schools that receive vouchers are religious schools, getting a religious education is probably the biggest reason why. I don’t think there is anything wrong with kids getting a religious education, I do however think there is a problem when it is paid for with money diverted from the state treasury.

Voucher schools by the way do not have to have certified teachers, recognized curriculums, and have barely any accountability measures, both financially and academically in place.

For years vouchers were sold as a program designed to save poor children from failing public schools, well we now know that is not the case, so why do we still have them?

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  1. I once interviewed at a private school that receives vouchers. The Director was excited to hire me but when we approached the paper work she told me that her boss requires me to be a Christian or that I convert to a Christian, in order for me to be hire-able.

    So, someone who dies daily, in Christ, though well qualified for the job, was rejected just because he is not a Christian and refused to be converted. I am better qualified than her boss (PASTOR) to give Spiritual (not religious) counseling to students.