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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why is the FLDOE setting up our schools to look like failures?

Especially since there are so many questions about the Florida Standards Assessment that were not resolved even after the state spent 600 grand on a study.

From the Orlando Sentinel, Florida needs to set tough passing scores for its new Florida Standards Assessments, so students leave public school "better prepared for success" and ready to "compete anytime, anywhere for the rest of their lives," said John Padget, the vice chair of the State Board of Education, in a statement sent to newspapers today. 

The State Board has final say on setting passing scores for the new FSA, a series of standardized tests in language arts and math taken by some  2 million Florida students.  The score-setting process, used in Florida for years, is often contentious and controversial, and Padget's remarks make it clear things will be no different -- and perhaps even more so -- this year…
… In an opinion column sent to Florida newspapers today, Padget said he is in favor of "raising the bar as high as possible."  Florida students, he noted, lag academically behind those in top-performing states, such as Massachusetts, and those in countries such as Finland and South Korea. Tougher tests will help students leave school really ready "to meet the global competition."  
Former Gov. Jeb Bush's education foundation weighed in with a similar opinion earlier this week, saying "requiring more of students always will be harder than requiring less, but it’s critical."
Who the ^%#$ is John Padget and doesn't he get it is absolutely ridiculous to compare us to Finland and South Korea. Finland doesn't do high stakes standardized tests and both countries invest in education unlike Florida does.
All ultra high cut scores are going to do is make our schools look bad and further erode confidence in our schools. The reason is to hasten privatization and this not helping children is their aim. 
We have morons on the state board and its there where we should be raising the bar.

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