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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Florida dumbs down education, politics not science drive science education

From the I can't make this up file and the Tampa Times

The headline of its blog post: Epic Climate Change Textbook #FAIL. It begins:
"Is our children learning science?
"If those children are being taught about climate from Florida's 5th grade science textbook from publisher Scott Foresman (Pearson), then those children are learning from a text so riddled with glaring and obvious errors that it's hard to know how such a book could see the light of day, much less be adopted by Florida public schools."
The group then parses an 11-sentence excerpt on "How Climates Change," finding four "blunders" that it then aims to deconstruct. Its identified worst offender? The line that reads, "... it is hard to determine why a climate has changed. Scientists have had debates on these changes and will probably have more in the future."
Foul, the organization declares:"Fifth grade students reading this section in Scott Foresman's Science are left with the impression that climate scientists are uncertain about their results, that they have 'debates' about the issues, and that climate may just be too hard to understand fully. Nothing could be further from the truth."
Oy vey it's almost enough to make me encourage a parent to get a voucher to attend a private school except something like a hundred and fifty of them teach creation as science.
Florida can't get much more ridiculous.

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