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Saturday, September 12, 2015

WJCT once again shows open disdain towards public education.

I get it, those are strong words, but lets look at my evidence. Last year they honored Gary Chartrand and despite his position on the state board of education there is no bigger foe to public education around, then this year they decided to follow up that travesty by honoring Janet Adkins.

Adkins has a long history of being ignorant, misinformed and anti-public education and this is who WJCT chooses to celebrate.

Here she says her son didn't have a problem with the FSA so there can't be any problems.

Here she dismisses professional educators.

Here she fundamentally misses the point about a requested pause in the accountability measures and gives teachers a little dig too.

Here she is misinformed or deceptive neither a good quality for an elected official to have.

Here is just some stunning hypocrisy.

And I could go on and on and on too, just type Janet Adkins in the search box and prepare to be outraged and once again, this is who WJCT chooses to celebrate.

Then out of their five honorees only one is a teacher, now some of the others look like they are doing some nice things but for WJCT to so dismiss the role and job of teachers in something they call the American Graduate Champion is pretty disgusting.

WJCT continues to disappoint.

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