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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The District's testing coordinator up and quits.

I am told Mr. Scott was a pretty decent and hard working guy, who tried his best to keep people informed though the district would often make last minute changes which made his and others job more difficult.

Sadly him resigning a month in puts up a lot of red flags.


  1. He was my son's Math teacher at Paxon. My son graduated with a degree in Math. He's a stand up guy and a talented educator with a passion for kids, but probably not endless scantrons, etc...

  2. This is a real loss for Duval. Tom was very good at his job and really knew his stuff. Plus, good luck trying to fill that position - no one in their right mind would take it!

  3. He is decent and hard-working. I have heard that he had had enough of the district's, ahem, shall we say 'new way of work.'

  4. Tom had a handle on an immense job. Like with all the other educators leaving the district, someone less competent will come in and screw things up good and proper.