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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Florida hits a milestone, over three hundred charter schools have failed.

According to the FLDOE the total is 308. Think about that, 308 charter schools have taken public money and then closed leaving families and communities in a lurch. Untold millions of dollars wasted and thousands and thousands of lives interrupted.

Then according to a June 26th article in the Tampa Times of the 657 remaining one in six of them either are running a debt or  "had material weaknesses with their internal financial controls."

Heck two have closed already this school year, not calendar year but school year which began for most of the state just days ago.

Furthermore most of the ones that are doing well are part of for profit chains that more and more are setting up shop in neighborhoods that already have successful public schools siphoning away resources from them and the Stanford Credo says that as group they under perform when compared to public schools.

I know our public schools have issues but it's time we realized the cure of charter schools is worse than the disease. 


  1. If the public schools were meeting the needs of all children then parents would not be seeking out alternative education!!!!! Every child is not created equal and one style of teaching does not fit all!

    1. Your statement is rather PRE-KINDERGARTEN. I do not want to insult your intelligence, though, but do you have any IDEA of who is destroying the PUBLIC SCHOOLS and simultaneously creating CHARTER SCHOOLS? Do you ever ask the question as to why these same mercenaries are requiring all the bull s**t testing, and harassment of teachers, in the PUBLIC SCHOOLS, but not in the CHARTER SCHOOLS even though they are funding the CHARTER SCHOOLS with money they SIPHON OUT of the PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Are you aware of how many folks have become wealthy from opening Charter SCHOOLS then closing them and in the process disrupted the education of thousands of children?

      Are your children attending CHARTER or other PRIVATE schools, and do you examine the academic work they are doing? Do you test them on the work they do to see if their knowledge acquisition match the A grades on their reports? Inform yourself! Do not fall victim to the unscrupulous persons who are gaming the system! They have already sold their souls to the devil!

      Oh! The German populace knew all along what HITLER and HIS THIRD REICH were doing but silently supported the construction of CONCENTRATION CAMPS, GAS CHAMBERS, and the SYSTEMATIC EXECUTION of MILLIONS of JEWS. The only time they worried was when Allied Forces were Carpet-Bombing Germany and then SOLDIERS raped millions of German girls and women, from 8 to 80 years old. History has it that about 2 million German women were raped. Please inform and educate yourself so you will be able to coin more matured statements. You see, I am an engineer and a teacher, my kids attend public schools, and I question and query everything including the CHARTER and other PRIVATE school, and quiz kids from my neighborhood that come to play with my kids and talk about their A+ grades on their REPORTS. It usually doesn't take long before my own kids shut them up by posing a few questions on a subject being boasted about. These ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS are a grotesque mediocrity, an insult to the intelligence of educated and informed people, like myself, and are JUST PLAIN COMICAL.

      The ABSOULUTELY UNFORTUNATE thing, though, is that too many of the PARENTS who are so obsessed with sending their children to CHARTERS are poorly educated. Some would ask 'Why don't you send your children to CHARTER SCHOOL and I would tell them because I want my children to be educated, I care about the education, not the FAKE A grades. CHARTERS are FAKES, or COUNTERFEIT, if you like.



  2. That's not quite correct. Some needs shouldn't be met, the public schools shouldn't have to provide a religious education or teach some preferred dogma. Furthermore there has been a systematic attack on public schools and they have long been starved of resources and saddled with bad policies and leadership out of Tallahassee. If public schools are put in a position where failure is likely and they do so, is it the public schools fault or the fault of the people that put them there?

    Finally every teacher I know differentiates how they teach children, sure a lot of the basics are the same but no two students get the same education.

    That's an old and tired catch phrase you have there.

  3. Louisiana has no problem with failing charter schools. Accountability is non-existent; state education officials have no problem in letting them stay open despite horrid test results. To add insult to injury to the children of Louisiana, it is not unusual for state education officials to give some failing charter schools more schools.

    1. Aren't the majority of the children Black or of other minority? I know the answer is YES!!!

  4. When FSA's can be used to grade schools and teachers but not students, tells me there is a conspiracy here. Unfortunately, the players here are so DIABOLIC, you could easily ascertain their blood line. Doesn't Aleister Crowley feature prominently?

  5. Most of these charter schools don't exist to educate. They exist to make a profit at the taxpayer's expense. Could schools do a better job of meeting the needs of all kids? Of course. Would they need more money? Don't the straightjackets of Common Core and ranking schools force schools to abandon differentiation to focus on teaching to the test? Can't parents work within the school system to create magnet schools?

    1. What parents need to do is stop allowing themselves to be fooled by the mercenaries. Parents need to start showing some respect for our educated professional teachers, and genuine concerns for their own children's education and learning, and not just grades.

  6. Untold millions of dollars aren't just wasted; they are being siphoned off into the pockets of thieves. Wasn't it Eli Broad that said there is $500, 000, 000, 000. 00 to be made from public education? Well, there you have it!