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Saturday, September 26, 2015

How many ninety plus kid classes are there in Duval?

It's just an elective so what does it matter? Well if you are the teacher of the class, a student in it or a parent of one of the students, it might just matter.

Earlier this year I wrote about a PE class that had eighty kids in it. Trying to be as positive as possible the coach said, the administration planned to level the class in the next few weeks, I wondered at the time if that meant they would just have fifty or sixty students.

Fast-forward a month and the teacher now tells me there are over ninety kids in that class and that he has 450 kids on his role. Just PE right, who cares, who cares that it is both dangerous and nothing can get done.

What about foreign languages should we care about them? At another school the foreign language teachers have 250 kids in their classes.

I get it we have limited resources and lots of needs but it seems to me we are setting lots of teachers and students up to fail. I however feel like we are spending a lot of these limited resources on technology, new laser etched computers, and computer programs are over the place when what we really need is teachers teaching.

It's about priorities and having manageable classes where meaningful instruction can go on sadly is not one of them for to may of our classes.


  1. I'm a foreign language teacher for DCPS and my total number of students is not as bad as 250 - it's only 200. I have some classes with over 40 students and the district rep tells me that, as far as the district is concerned, 40 students per class is OK. So these high numbers and overcrowded classes aren't a mistake that is going to be corrected - this is the new "normal" - this is "OK" - OK for whom? our students? our elective teachers?

  2. If we had 80 kids per class in PE at my school I would be excited! We are at or over 100 in every class. I can't even see how it is legal or safe. Especially when you consider that we have three gym teachers teaching at the same time - it's essentially 3 adults responsible for over 300 kids. And there's supposed to be a curriculum in there?! Give me a break. It's not just gym either, our art classes are over 50, world language at a minimum of 45 per class and the list goes on. Our core classes are in the high 40's as well.
    My school is well over enrolled based on what were budgeted for yet here we are at the start of week 6 and we still have no relief. No new teachers. No answers on when that will happen. I truly believe our administration is being a "squeaky wheel" but it is falling on deaf ears. For some reason our parents are being unusually understanding and patient. I wish they wouldn't - I wish they would start making noise downtown.
    The situation we are in is unfair to both students and staff, and it's UNSAFE.