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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why it is impossible to trust Vitti's leadership

Remember a year and a half ago when Vitti said we had to have open enrollment to save the district? Yeah what happened to that. 

Read what Vitti said yesterday in the Times Union: I’m not going into this process believing everything in the recommendations needs to be done,” he said. “But my responsibility as superintendent is to be proactive regarding the short-term and long-term challenges... This is an opportunity for us to leverage our buildings, to not give them to a charter school and not sell our properties and land.”

He said, I’m not going into this process believing everything in the recommendations needs to be done.

Then what the hell is he doing? Just spit balling ideas? Throwing paint against the wall and hoping something sticks? Wouldn't it be nice to know which ideas he thinks we desperately have to see come true and which ideas he was just messing with us with. How can we take anything he says seriously knowing that?

Leadership is not throwing a bunch of crap out there to see what you can get away with.  Leadership is also not fear mongering, and that's what the second part of his statement was. 

 News flash we do have issues, but they are fixable issues, and our school system is not dying on the vine, but what we desperately need is leadership and if Vitti thinks our district is dying and he can't provide the leadership we need then it is time he looked for employment elsewhere.


  1. He has no plan. When he does put a plan forward, he does not follow it.

  2. He has no idea what he is doing and the only way he knows to lead is to put fear into all of those below him. We got told today we are forbidden to use DRA in elementary to get more data on our kids. And that we should not try to use or else be labeled insubordinate. What??? So if I want to get more data (actual ACCURATE data) I can't for fear of being labeled insubordinate? Ridiculous.

    And he changes his mind SO much. Remember when elementary gave Iowa tests? Or how elementary is on their THIRD curriculum under his tenure? No wonder people are leaving the district. It's not due to not having choices.

    1. You literally posted my exact thoughts! Thank you!!!

  3. Developmental Reading Assessment- It actually provides us with fairly detailed data on a child. I liked using them. They are much better than DAR which to me, tells me nothing. It is a shame we are on the 3rd curriculum under his tenure. The latest being something free on the Internet for everyone to download and a history of being panned by true educators (and loved only by its writers). It's a shame indeed!