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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to get a highly effective evaluation in Duval County

From a reader

Last year was the first year I received exceeds on my evaluation for discipline.

 I only got it because I stop writing referrals and just grinned and bared it the whole 180 days. There was no point in writing Little Johnny up on a referral because the office clerk was signing the administrators name to the referrals. 

When she did not respond, the referrals just sat on her desk for kids to steal. You couldn't even get a decent pass back to class from that office because she wouldn't even put the child's name on it. Also, in many cases even her signature changed from child to child. 

What a waste of time. 

In the meantime, Johnny has figured out how the game is played and he is creating holy havoc in everyone's class. Teachers are put in a no win situation, so there is no point to writing a referral. Besides I need the extra point for my evaluation score because Johnny is going to *uck up during the EOC and that is counted against me too!


  1. I quit writing referrals the last ten years of my teaching career. I would only write referrals to protect myself legally after the fact and only if directed to by an Administrator. As a result my inner city classes were education free zones. That said my classes also became stress free teenage day care zones. I had one secretary to an Admin take me aside and tell me that my House Admin was just tearing up my referrals and throwing them in the garbage anyways - so why waste time writing them? Word of my "referral free zone" spread like wild fire and I actually had an Admin hold me up in front of other teachers as an example of how to run a clasroom. Well no, not if you want anybody to learn. But then that wasn't the objective was it? I could go on but why. I'm retired and you're not. Good luck suckers. It's a three shell Monte game with no pea run by DCPS. And you're not going to win. One last note to any Adim reading this - A teacher who writes referrals actually cares about the learning process. If a teacher quits writing referral like I did it's because they've given up.

    1. True, true! From another former public school teacher.

  2. Inner city= black. Not all black students,but...I digress. Referrals are a joke. They don't want any education going on in these inner city classes. No profit in curing problems. You don't need a PhD to understand that one of the major problems in inner city schools is the wild behavior not damn board config.