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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Florida's coordinated plan to destroy public education

Before you think I am engaging in hyperbole just read what the future speaker of the house Richard Corcorcan and and house education chairwoman Marlene O'Toole' said this week.

First Corcorcan called for universal vouchers, From the Daily Record, In a speech following his unanimous approval by House Republicans, Corcoran detailed a list of initiatives that included universal vouchers for education, 12-year term limits for state judges and new restrictions on lawmakers’ employment during and after their time in office.

Then O'Toole told parents that if they didn't like the way things are done in public education that they can take their children and leave.

From the Tampa Times,  "You're not allowed to do that (opt out) and keep your child in a public school," she said. "So if you want to have your child learn another way or do something different, you always have the option to take them (out). School boards should not be ... saying, Well, okay. There is no okay."

So one politician says universal vouchers are on the horizon and another tells parents to hit the road. We have to stop pretending the republicans in Tallahassee care about public education and want to do anything but privatize our schools.

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  1. Amazing how these conservative lawmakers are 'statists,' in that they deny parental rights to make decisions for the children, the government has the authority, the total(itarian) authority to make children do as they say regardless of what they parents want.