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Monday, February 22, 2016

DTU doesn't give us a lot of cover to say no to the New Teacher Project coming into our classrooms.

Hey I agree with DTU, just respectfully say no. Here is the thing what if you are on a one year contract and are afraid of your principal or are even a veteran but don't want to get on their bad side?

Well now you may feel stuck and forced into saying yes.

Couldn't and shouldn't have DTU said, no thanks, if you want this to happen what are you (the district) going to give up?


  1. This is exactly why I am not a DTU member. I am annual contract and they cannot and WILL NOT do anything to help those like me. Wonder who they will have for members once all of the lucky individuals with a PSC retire?
    Honestly, they are useless.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    If you were a member, you would know how incorrect your statement is. What exactly is it that DTU said they "WILL NOT" help you with?

    That "useless" union is the only entity that will provide you with your right to due process, along with an insurance policy should someone bring legal action against you in the workplace, as well as a range of personal legal assistance. That "useless" union also made sure that even annual contract employees got a cost of living increase. And that "useless" union had hundreds of its members take one of their own personal days to drag themselves very early out of bed for a very long bus ride for a very long march to fight the red tape that politicians keep wrapping around us. And then, those same "useless" union people took a very long bus ride home. Now, after that, you're right; we probably were useless.

    I'm sorry that SB 736 has set some limitations, but that is not the fault of any Union. Blame those who voted for Governor Rick Scott again, or those who chose not to vote at all.

    Address those who are really causing the angst, not those who fight for you, every day.

    ~ Shannon Russell
    Teacher of English III, SHS
    Union Chair Rep
    DTU Board of Directors

    1. I went to the meetings about the new contracts. Not only was I interested in the process and outcome, I wanted feedback as to what protections the union could offer someone like me, on annual contract. They answer, straight from those mouths, is "not much" and "they would do their best". Do you know that there are individuals in this county under a 10 month teacher contract who are being forced to move to a 12 month contract or lose their position? Where has the union been for those people? It has been going on for three years now.

  3. I have a PSC and they don't represent me with either, though I pay dues. I can't even get them to return a phone call. They make promises they have no intention of keeping. In short, they totally suck! Only Vitti loves DTU.

    1. What are these promises that DTU has no intentions of keeping?

      I like that you have a sense of humor in the latter part of your post!

  4. When do we get to see the TNTP surveys for the schools where we teach?

    1. I received a link in my district email today.

  5. My district union rep said she didn't know her own email address. When will their website be up? It's been "under construction" now for at least a year.