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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why would Scott Shine call out Ashley Smith Juarez like that?

Scott Shine complained about dysfunction on the school board last week. Then when the school board chair reminded the members of the board’s policy not to publicly criticize other board members he complained to the media about her.

He didn’t say, can we talk about this, I think the policy is wrong, let me plead my case, can we meet about this or anything reasonable people might do when they have a disagreement with a co-worker. 

Nope he called Action News and said lookie here.

This is the same guy who complained about dysfunction on the board. I wonder how his call to Action News where he publicly states Ashley Smith-Juarez is trying to censor his first amendment rights is going to go over. Here is the thing, I don’t disagree with him but isn’t there a better way to do things?

Also since this is on the heels of him calling for the firing of a female employee for simply receiving a text, and calling blogger Chris Guerrieri a liar because he disagrees with him, I wonder what is next.

Unhinged people have better weeks. 

1 comment:

  1. Scott Shine is the next Donald Trump without the Billions.