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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is Duval purposely low balling its teacher evaluations?

Is Duval purposely low balling its teacher evaluations?

If you are not on professional contract and you get a highly effective evaluation you just got a 2,000 dollar raise.  That’s good money there.

The problem is in Jacksonville it is nearly 2.5x harder to get a highly effective evaluation than it is in the rest of the state.

In Jacksonville only 14.8 percent of teachers received a highly effective evaluation while statewide that number was 37.5 percent.

If Duval just met the state average that would be about 1,500 more teachers receiving highly effective evaluations. Which cold cost the district millions. Money Vitti couldn't spend on whatever his computer program du jour is.

Let’s face it we have a terrible and unwieldy evaluation system. The cast makes convoluted things look downright manageable and now we may know why.

I would say the district was nickel and diming teachers but the reality is the district is costing teachers real money.

Want to know how many teachers were rated highly effective at a particular school? Click the link: 


  1. Principals are specifically told to avoid high scores to avoid highly effectives. One of the highest (if not the highest) scoring 5th grade science teacher in Duval is only effective. Go figure.

  2. Um, yes, we get low-balled, certainly on our growth scores. My evaluation "growth" percentage scores have consistently been 10-15 points lower than my students' scores that count as growth for the school. I've had kids move up a level that were counted as not showing sufficient growth on my evaluation score!