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Friday, February 19, 2016

Remembering that one time superintendent Viti tried to shame the staff of a local high school.

From First Coast News

Vitti wants the board to address Dr. Hall's remarks so board members can talk about them, reconcile their differences and put the "distraction" behind them, the superintendent told First Coast News in an interview Thursday. 

"I don't want to put anyone on a cross, I don't want to shame anyone, but there has to be a reconciliation," he said.

This is what the super had to say today about Connie Hall's special ed comment. A comment that was off the cuff and sent to one staff member that was not meant for public consumption. I a not defending the comment I am just pointing out the facts behind it.

Reading what he said I am reminded about a meeting the super had with the staff at Ed White who were being told they would be getting their 5th principal in six years.

In what has to rank as one of the worst motivational speeches of all time Superintendent arrived today to share the news, and told the staff of mostly first year and Teach for America Teachers (sic), that they had lost the fire and that had led to Ed White becoming a Raines, Ribault and Jackson type school, (mostly minority, poor, crappy????) whatever that means.

Not content to allow the staff to start the summer with just a principal change he added this nugget. He said Ed White may end up like Blockbuster with the doors closed. 

Blaming and threatening staffs is what passes for leadership in Duval County.

Where was Ed White's apology, where was their reconciliation?

The media has completely ignored that the super has been talking down to teachers for years.  

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  1. Usual Vitti speech to a faculty: I wouldn't put my kids in your school. I know of three occasions when he has said this within the last 18 months. But he has TNTP to cover for him with their ridiculous teacher surveys. Then he complains about people taking their kids out of our schools. Could it be that Jacksonville parents are saying to him that they don't want their kids in HIS schools?