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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The selfish, yet understandable behavior of some parents (rough draft)

At last nights school board meeting a woman spoke about Wolfson high school. She said she was a proud graduate who had moved away. After twenty years she and her family returned and she was excited to send her now middle school aged children there when they got old enough.

Unfortunately people started to tell her how bad and unsafe it was. She said hearing this news made her sad but then she started to do her homework and the school was much better than what people had made it out to be. There was an IB program, a magnet program and their test grades were better than at other schools you might think were better. She was really singing Wolfson's praises and then she said, please turn it into an advanced academic magnet school like Paxon and Stanton.

Um, what double take!!!

She wasn't the only one who spoke either. There as a grand mother and a couple more sets of parents whose kids were currently attending Landon, a middle school academic magnet and they were there to give their support to changing Wolfson into an advanced academic magnet so their kids wouldn't have to leave their neighborhood.

They were there advocating for their kids and I get it too because if I had a child in a similar situation I might have done the same thing.

Here is the thing who speaks for the neighborhood kids who aren't interested in going to an advanced academic magnet? Who speaks for those kids? These kids that will now have to go to Sandalwood or Terry Parker, that will have to leave their neighborhoods.

IB isn't for everybody, it wouldn't have been for me and it's not for most regular kids but, who speaks for them, who is looking out for their needs?

Wolfson may not have been perfect but like the first lady who spoke said, it had a lot to offer and not to just one set of kids, those academically gifted but all the kids zoned to go there..

It's time Duval started caring about all its kids and not just those at the top.

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