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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Scott Shine tells me to get my resume together, and attempts to belittle other board members.

Scott Shine, SB district 2 left this comment on the blog Education Matters

Just an fYI on the social media policy, this was proposed as a policy addition from Dr. Vitti and was taken up by your liberal friends on the board in the policy review subcommittee (against my wishes)a month ago. They were unanimous in moving it to next years employee professional standards. So, you only have a few months to add to your resume of false and reckless statements. Sadly, I did not even get a chance to vote on it. So, give your thanks to Hall, Wright and Couch for the "anti-Guerrieri" code of conduct addition next fall. While I am highly disappointed I did not get in on the action, and still want to bring it forward as a policy addition as originally submitted by the superintendent, so it can take affect in before the end of this school year.

First I would like to acknowledge that above shows real growth from Scott, usually he just leaves mean and nasty comments posted anonymously.

Let’s dissect what he wrote.

The first thing that stands out is “your liberal friends”. The school board positions are supposed to be non-partisan, it shouldn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative or whatever, because what’s best for our schools should trump all political leanings. The fact that Scott sees fit to call Hall, Wright and Couch “liberal” is telling.

Furthermore was he name calling there? I get it calling somebody “liberal” isn’t like calling somebody retarded but I get the distinct impression he was trying to belittle and marginalize when he wrote that, as if liberals are somehow less worthy of respect.

Then Holy Hostile work environment Batman. He writes, “So, you only have a few months to add to your resume of false and reckless statements.” Is he telling me to get my resume ready? Is he saying that the district is going to put an end to the blog? Both are threatening. He’s a school board member and here he is threatening a teacher he disagrees with, he’s not giving an alternate point of view, he’s not defending his decisions or positions or asking readers to explore alternate points of view. He’s saying get your resume ready because next school year you are on your way out.  

Connie Hall’s text was sent to a third person and seemed off the cuff and superintendent Vitti said he felt like it created a hostile work environment. Shine on the other hand addressed me and sent me a 141 word note. Should I follow the supers lead and look into legal counsel?   

Then think about this. Connie Hall sent her text to one person, where Shine left his comment on a blog that on good days gets thousands and thousand of hits. He wanted to make sure his comment was widely read, and do you know who most of the readers of the blogs are? Teachers, that is who. His threat wasn't just to me, it was to teachers as well. He just said look at me, the district can silence whoever it doesn't like. That's a chilling message for a district that already has a reputation for quashing dissent and punishing teachers who speak out.  

Then he accuses me of being false and reckless, couldn’t I consider that to be libel or if he has said it to people slander? I have opinions about how things are being run, I do but last I checked it was still legal to have opinions. Furthermore, if I get something wrong, I own up to it on the blog because I understand it does my argument no good to get things wrong. I once wrote a blog saying Scott was a lifelong member of the government dole and after he pointed out I got it wrong I not only retracted it but I apologized.

Then he wrote “affect” when he should have written effect, but have you read one of my blogs because if you have, you know I can really forgive that.

This just just reaffirms my thoughts about Mr. Shine and that is he is in way over his head, and that he is driven by his ideology not by what’s best for children, schools and teachers.  The question I would like you to ask is how isn’t what he did today just as bad if not worse than what Connie Hall did? 


  1. It's much worse. It's threatening and hostile. He should be censured. Have you contacted the ACLU? For a board member of a PUBLIC school system to try to censor a member of the PUBLIC is very concerning.

  2. School board agendas list a Policy Handbook Review committee meeting on January 8, 2016. "Freedom of Speech" was listed as the first topic for discussion. There was no other information posted. I would be interested in finding out what was proposed and approved by the committee. I would hope DTU is as well.

  3. What intelligent person would put something like that in writing? These people who are running our school district have to be some of the ignorant people in a public office. This is far from professional behavior. Give them time, and they will shoot themselves in the foot.

    I say this should be investigated by the an attorney and the media.

  4. Shine truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Time to give Tad a call.

  5. Much less important is his inability to use affect/effect correctly.

  6. If it comes down to it, just change the blog to your wife's name and let her "write" it! Then they will come up with an anti-spouse blog rule!! Beat them at their own game!!

  7. I think you're taking the resume comment too literal. I don't believe he meant as a threat to get your actual resume ready, rather he was using it as a synonym for the word "list." Asking him would be a good start to finding out, though.