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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vitti is having a press conference saying teachers are happy. Am I missing something?

CONTACT:    Laureen Ricks

Gains Demonstrated on Teacher Insight Culture Survey

Three years ago Duval County Public Schools started the administration of an Instructional Culture Survey to objectively determine how teachers felt about their schools’ culture in order to improve teacher retention and student achievement. The instrument was developed by The New Teacher Project (TNTP). DCPS has received results from the Winter 2015 administration and they provide strong evidence of the district’s progress in improving school culture based on the opinion of teachers.  

Media and community members are invited to join Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti, School Board members, and principals as they discuss the survey results.  

Monday, February, 15 10:00 a.m.
Duval County Public Schools 
Administration Building, Room 128
1701 Prudential Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32207


  1. I wonder how they cheated.

  2. Teachers aren't dumb. After last year's survey results were published in the TU they had to endure all sorts of team building exercises(read: special torture) & interminable meetings to determine what was wrong with them. That's right it was the teachers fault that morale was low. This year the teachers have wised up & learned how to check the boxes. It's just not worth the added aggravation. As the saying goes "the beatings will continue until morale improves."

    Vitti is a study in paradoxes. He rails against charter schools when school grades are issued while failing to mention how he held the door open for them in the first place. Meanwhile 3 school board members are investigated for doing what Vitti failed to do.

    Vitti also effectively eliminated all middle & high school media specialist positions while having the audacity to say that these "reassigned" teachers are content in their new roles. Really? Did he ask them??

    Nevermind that most elementary schools only have part time media specialists Vitti teamed up with the public library to get kids their own library cards. Problem solved unless kids can't get to their local library.

    Bottom line: Vitti is an opportunist who is only motivated by his own self interest. After all what's good for Vitti is good for Vitti.

    1. Teachers need to place Vitti under the TRUMPSCOPE.

  3. It's because that survey asks questions about the school leadership. I'm very happy with SCHOOL level leadership. I feel supported by him. However, changing the wording from school level to district and my tone would change. I even wrote a comment stating as such and only the first part was delivered to my principal. He part where I said the district was the problem? No where to be found!

  4. I agree with Bibliophile. Last year after the survey results were released, we were brought together in a faculty meeting, browbeaten, then assigned with the task of solving the problems (extra work). The irony was, the things that needed fixed (district/principal/communication/etc.) were the things we couldn't report back on. It was a waste of time and the message was very clear that it was the teachers' fault that the survey results weren't good.