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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vitti says he has to endure a hostile work place. What!?!

Responding to an admittedly inappropriate text, the Superintendent has said he has had to endure a hostile workplace. What the @#$%!!!

From a letter the superintendent sent to WJCT:

“Unfortunately, the information that was included as part of the PRR is not necessarily surprising as it speaks to the hostile work environment that has been created by certain board members since I interviewed for the superintendent position and assumed the role.

One of the biggest complaints teachers and admins whisper, and they whisper because they are too afraid to say it openly is how they are often intimidated and brow beaten by district staff. Vitti thinks he works in a hostile workplace, he obviously doesn’t understand what that means.

Disagreeing with somebody does not equal hostile.

Wanting you to stop destroying the district does not equal hostile either. 

You know who works in a hostile environment? Teachers on one year contracts that is who. Teachers who are afraid for their jobs that's who. Teachers who are forced to do what they know is wrong for their kids but need the paycheck that's who. Vitti doesn't.

Another thing lost in all this is the superintendent has now threatened to sue the school board twice in the last few months if he doesn't get his way. The first was back in November when the board considered him not doing the roll out of his boundary change proposals and now over the text. 

The superintendent's contract does not expire until 2019. Vitti said he's looking at possibly taking legal action, but did not elaborate.

The superintendent is in the big leagues, he should have his big boy pants on and realize people are not always going to disagree with him but once again disagreeing with somebody does not equal hostile. 


  1. This is getting ridiculous. Well he needs to walk a day in our shoes.

  2. He is really showing what he is made of with his reaction to sue. Seriously? Someone in his position will get, and should expect backlash. A TRUE LEADER will handle that backlash with grace and dignity and respond accordingly. Dr. Vitti, you are not a leader simply because of your title. Leaders are questioned, and challenged, this is part of being a leader. Dr. Vitti is NOT an example of a growing leader, in fact, I sincerely hope that his demonstrated leadership practices ARE NOT used an an example in any way shape or form within our district. The funny thing is Dr. Vitti's leadership style has created a VERY HOSTILE environment for teachers. Dr Vitti, should we sue you or would you like to pass that buck to someone else as well?

  3. Well, long before this guy came along the Duval county schools were messed up. As a parent and Grandparent of these kids...I have to say: So what it's hostile. Parents in many cases have had to endure hostile teachers, school board. To add insult to injury all the mentioned above has the GALL to call our kids "Their kids". Like THEY of all people gave birth to them. Everything bad that happened " must have come from home", then "Everything good of course came from a teacher." Sooo..who really IS passing the buck??
    WAKE up and smell the coffee. The School Board created the problem - go moan at them. You chose to be a part of the system, that has to include all the Vitti types as well.

    1. All large urban districts like DCPS will have things that aren't perfect. Most teachers are aware of that but what is going on now is more than just messed up. Things have gone from bad to worse. Many students are not learning thanks to the current curriculum. I don't think that many parents are aware of what is actually going on in schools right now.

      As far as parents enduring hostile teachers....really? If this is happening it is with good reason. Teachers get hostile when parents support misbehavior or provide no support at all. What parent of a good student gets a lot of hostility from teachers (...hmmm). I'm sure that there is no one who decides to be a teacher so that they can be hostile to kids and their parents. Unfortunately, most of what is bad does come from home...surely it can't be blamed on the teacher that just met the student that year.

      Though you don't seem to care, you don't want a hostile work environment at schools. This can't be ideal for the students who are receiving their education there.

  4. Vitti said - and still says all the right things when speaking about educational instruction at a teacher to student level.
    Yet, structurally, he is enabling the on-going destruction of public education.
    Our current legislators and their newest bills are nails in the coffin.
    There are larger forces at work. There have been for 30 years