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Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Klan rally is more diverse than the Florida State Board of Education

Marva Johnson checks off a lot of boxes for the state board of education. She is a woman and she is black. Now if she had any education experience she might actually be qualified.

She however wasn't there this week as the State Board of Education voted to ratchet up concordant scores to the Algebra I test which will undoubtedly cause a drop in our graduation rates effecting mostly poor and minority students. 

This picture is from the Tampa Times and it doesn't do the meeting justice.

  The State Board of Education has six rich and white businessmen on it, and to say their combined education experience was lacking would be an understatement. These are the people responsible for creating and implementing education policy. I don't know if Marva Johnson missed the meeting to protest her "token" status, but I wouldn't be surprised. 

These men got theirs, what do they care if they hurt poor and mostly minority children.

The only woman in attendance, Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said,  Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said the board’s vote means districts will have to offer students better instruction and more options to relearn material but can no longer let them “get through the system through a loophole.”

You know because teachers suck and have just been going through the motions. Hey Florida to help teachers out why don't you pay them poorly, make their classes huge and not give them the resources that need (sic). Oy vey, Pam Stewart is apparently a terrible and uncaring human being as she casually dismisses the future of children.  

Come on Florida can't and shouldn't we be doing better than this?

1 comment:

  1. Pam Stewart showed her true colors years ago when she insisted that a dying child had to take the alternative assessment to the FCAT. Then she tried to justify herself in a letter sent to every Florida teacher. Someone SO lacking in empathy should not be our state's education commissioner. Callous, cold-hearted ... we could play a game. Share your best adjective starting with C to describe her.