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Thursday, May 10, 2018

KIPP has taken in nearly 4 million in extra tax payer dollars

Over the last three years.

What do $ 1,244,000, $752,796 and $2,000,000 have in common? That's the extra money KIPP has gotten over the last three years from the city and state. That is just shy of 4 million dollars and in addition the the regular charter school money they have received and I don't even know if this new Kids Alliance thingy has allocated even more money for them.

4 million extra tax payer dollars. Shouldn't somebody be required to explain why of all the worthwhile entities out there and while our public schools are struggling they have received such largess. It couldn't be because of its powerful benefactors could it?

Even if you love charter schools, why this one and not any of the others, I mean technically they are all supposed to be non profits right?

All this while our public schools starve.


  1. I am surprised you aren't working there. You love talking about all the great things you've done for the community and for your students. That’s the perfect school for someone like you. Oh Wait. You suck at teaching and you sued your employer. You can’t go work ANYWHERE ELSE. You cost the tax payers (who you are advocating for) a hundred grand or two due to a frivolous law suit because some school board member said mean things about you. Congratulations. You’re a fucking asshole who speaks out of both sides of your mouth. You are part of the problem AND not part of the solution.

    1. Hahaha, I am a lot of things but at least i am not a coward who posts anonymously. I will tell you what, when i spend some of that money this weekend i will think of you!

  2. If standing up for yourself against bullies makes you an asshole... well then I think Chris is in good company.

  3. Didn't see the settlement agreement, but I've seen enough of these situations to think that after Chris pays his attorney out of the settlement dollars he will have not much more than enough to treat his wife to an Applebee's dinner. Not Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Applebees. That being said, why does the State of Florida think KIPP needs all the extra dough to be that great charter school to help all the children, but every other school does not? Donkeys are choking on the hypocrisy. (But the politicians are not. They are blatant in their corruption. Looking at you, Corcoran, Negron, Diaz, et al. with your wives or relatives running charters that you divert dollars to, or you don't bother with that sleight of hand, you have a contract and benefit directly!!!!)