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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Hypocrisy of Adam Putnam the anti-education candidate for governor

The Chutzpah on this guy is truly amazing. He has been part of the establishment that has been in charge of education for over twenty years, yet he blames the liberal elite for the problems in education.

From Florida Politics

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam put out a new ad Thursday promising to strengthen vocational education in the Sunshine State and bashing so-called “liberal elites” who don’t respect trade workers.

“As a fifth generation Florida farmer, I know what it’s like to sweat for your paycheck,” Putnam said in the 30-second ad, which features shots of him walking through a factory and shaking hands with workers.
“Today, liberal elites look down on people who work with their hands, pressuring too many kids into student loan debt, leaving them with degrees they can’t use and bills they can’t pay. We need to get back to honoring and respecting experts of a trade,” he said in the ad. “I’ll make vocational training a top priority. Our kids should be career-ready, not debt ridden. College is not the only path to success, and it’s okay to say it.”
You know who gutted the teaching of trades and skills in our schools? The republican party, that is who. Do you know who put everyone regardless of aptitude or desire on a go to college track? The republican party, that is who. The liberal elite has never been in charge of education in Florida, but Putnam thinks if he says those two words his base will salivate like Pavlov’s dogs.
The truth is Putnam has not been a friend of skills training as evident from his votes while in congress.
In November 2005, Putnam Voted for an Appropriations Bill That Cut $67 Million from Job Training Grants. [HR 3010, Vote #598,

In June 2005, Putnam Voted Against a Motion to Invest $738 Million in Job Training.. . [HR3010, Vote #320,

In March 2005, Putnam Voted Against Providing Job Training for Veterans Returning from Iraq and Workers Whose Jobs Were Moved Offshore.  [HR 27, Vote #47,

In 2001 Putnam Voted Against Rural Improvement Grants.  Vote #369,

In October 2007, Putnam Voted For Reducing Help For Workers Hurt By Trade Agreements.  Vote #1024,

In December 2005, Putnam Voted to Repeal a Law Helping Local Employers Harmed By Trade. Vote #670,

In May 2010, Putnam Voted Against the America Competes Act, an $85.6 Billion Authorization for Scientific Research and Education.  Vote #332,

In August 2007, Putnam Voted Against the America COMPETES Act, Which Would Improve Funding for STEM Education and National Innovation.  Vote #802,

For a lot more information click the link

Now some of you might be noticing this is a democrat party source and I can see people, especially my republican friends being skeptical as I would be shown something in reverse. All I can say is they are sourced, and I believe that gives them credibility. 

We expect a certain bit of hypocrisy and chutzpah from our candidates, but Putnam really takes the case. Not only was he part of the establishment that curtailed the teaching of trades and skills, something he never supported until I am sure a focus group said it played well, but then he has the audacity to blame, liberal elites who have been regulated to the wilderness for over twenty years.

I would urge people to find a true pro education candidate because they will have a history of supporting the trades and skills too. Not a candidate like Putnam who just says what he thinks his base will like, hoping they won't take the time to look up his record. 

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  1. Teachers wanted trade schools too, but who listens to teachers? A lot of students just aren't academically oriented. Trades pay well too.