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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Superintendent Interviews, Harrison Peters

I switched to the teacher and parent group

Shine had an administrator from Miami Dade schools come in, I guess because he doesn't know any local ones.

The second community group had 3 parents, 5 employees, 2 community members and shine's inexplicable pick. For those scoring at home that means the Civic Council was as well represented as all the 2, parents. 

Peter's starts with a story about how he wanted to play basketball at Florida state and how some teachers helped him. He immediately stated with trying to build a rapport with his audience. I thought he was doing great until he said it didn't matter what neighborhood you lived in be in Moncrief or San Marcos, and that's not a spelling error on my part. He later repeated, San Marcos.

Assets strength management, three primary assets, people, time and money. People are our most important asset.

So far they have all spoken about meeting with and listening to the community. Vitti often met with the community but rarely listened.

He addressed the masturbation incident.

I have been here nearly five hours and finally a question about teaching. Peters was asked about flexibility  with pacing the guide and teacher autonomy versus a manged instruction guide where the district determines everything. He came down on the side of flexibility and Autonomy.

Change happens at the speed of trust. I have to admit, that is a great line.

Stressed the importance of communication

Peters, seemed the most polished and the smoothest talker of the first three candidates, though it's a little unfair because I can't hear his or any of the candidates answers to all the community members questions, not if I want to see all the applicants because two are going at a time. This along with the community members being forced to ask scripted question and the make up of the groups, the under representation of parents and teachers has made the day a bit disappointing. I think this process is unfair to Peters and the other candidates but most unfair to the people of Jacksonville.

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