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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gary Chartrand and the BOE vote to stick it to children... again

Despite pleas from school boards and education experts that changes to the Algebra I end of the year test concordant scores (an alternate test students could take) the state board of education thumbed their nose at our students and changed them, making them more expensive and less available at the same time.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

State education leaders voted today to make it tougher for students who can’t pass required exams to earn high school diplomas.

The State Board of Education eliminated one alternative test, the Post Secondary Education Readiness Test, dubbed PERT, as an alternative option for students who don’t pass the state exams. And it made the scores needed on the ACT or SAT higher. It also added the PSAT, a preliminary version of the SAT, into the mix.
Educators and students asked the board not to make the changes, saying they will keep some teenagers from graduating. In Seminole County, for example, about 430 fewer students would graduate this month from district high schools if the new rules already were in place, they said.
In Duval County school leaders are predicting an 8 to ten percent drop in graduation rates with poor and mostly minority children suffering the most.
This is also more evidence of Florida constantly moving the goal posts for success for public schools students which is why this is so insidious.
Gary Chartrand, a grocer who parlayed huge donations into a spot on the state board of education is a big proponent of school vouchers. Students who take vouchers don't have to even take the test Chartrand just made harder for public school students. Chartrand is the villain of the story. 
Friends we take over a billion dollars away from public schools and send them to private schools that take vouchers and that don't have to take any tests, not a one. How is this fair?
It's not and that's the point Chartrand and the BOE want to funnel more and more kids to voucher schools and not because they do better but because they have an almost pathological hatred of public schools. 

As the meeting was ending, Chartrand said, "I do think we should look at alternative pathways to graduation, not that we would lower the standards," Chartrand said.

Yeah Gary, we all know what you mean when you say alternative... sick...

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  1. AS they blight the lives of children, they pat themselves on the back and say how much they care. Yet they are so ignorant they don't know that the PERT is HS level, but the Common Core pushed the content into middle school. How about these people take note? The backward mapping approach has 5 year olds struggling to learn how to read--an approach the rest of the world considers ridiculous.