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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Superintendent Interviews, Eric Pruit

I was told that the people Scott Shine wanted to place in the community group weren't told and there was a scramble to replace them. Ugh, what a disaster.

Allowing them to lead and then holding them accountable

Choice, we shouldn't be afraid of choice.

Says he wants 250 million dollars in our cash reserves at all times  increasing our reserves from 5 percent at all times to over 15 percent. I am not sure where he was going there. Talked about the need to compete with surrounding districts and charters which are often state of the art.

Literacy is the biggest education challenge facing the city.

Spoke about the need for cultural competency which I think is important but I think the question was about making sure the arts would be included throughout the district rather than just on thee south side of town and at the beaches. The questioner re-asked and he spoke about the importance of the arts.

He was in the band, Narcisse plays the piano, things high on the list I could care less about but it would be difficult. 

Spoke about a stable teaching group leading to success and putting more resources into low performing schools because that is equity. After a slow start he is picking steam but I can't imagine the Civic Council and business community liking that answer.

The guy from the fisheries, yes the fisheries just asked, describe how you deal with change, developing creative solution and taking risks. Pruitt paused because I guess like me he thought it was a really stupid questions. Nothing about the 62 million dollar budget hole Mr. Fisheries man?  Oy vey of all the questions that could be asked, the fisheries guy, yes fisheries ask that one.

Union are there to protect the rights of their members.

He started slow and was up and down but in a way I thought he was being sincere, he would often pause before answering a question as he formulated his thoughts. Sadly the questions from the community group were scripted which I think really hurts the process.

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