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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Oh for Beeps sake, can we get Cindy Edelman and Nina Waters out of education???

Cindy Edelman and Nina Waters were part of the 21 community members picked by the school board to interview the superintendent applicants.

This means the rich white lady from Avondale segment of the community was as well represented as  the district's 8,000 plus teachers were and the entire North side of town was, insert eye roll here.

Who are these ladies? Nina Waters runs the Community Foundation and Cindy Edelman is on so many boards you could build a rustic two story house with her and they both run with Gary Chartrand and the Civic Council.

I am going to try to be as generous as admittedly they have been with their money. These two could be the nicest ladies in the world. Mrs. Waters was very cordial with me at the superintendent interviews. They also may just be dupes of the privatization movement.

There are zealots of privatization that approach it with a relionesque type fervor and nothing will change their minds which is where I would put Gary Chartrand, and then there are mercenaries, people looking to just profit off the movement which is where I would put Jason Fischer and numerous members of the Florida Legislature are and then there are dupes.

Dupes are people who don't understand what damage charter schools, vouchers and groups like Teach for America inflict on the education system. These ladies are two rich to be mercenaries,which only leaves zealots and dupes. I think that since their friends at the country club are into privatization, they jumped on the bandwagon, after all they have to fill their days somehow.

This is the thing, I would take any member of PTA or any teachers opinion over theirs because quite frankly they would know more, they would have a much better understanding of what's going on, yet for some reason, and probably because DCPS doesn't want to turn off the money faucet, the district keeps putting them in these groups and it is time they stopped. 
Like I said these ladies might be great, but if we want to have a great school district it's time we listened to parents and teachers instead.

And for beeps sake, stop putting them on these panels.

To learn more about Cindy Edelman, click the link,

to learn about Nina Waters, click the link,

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