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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

From 2008 to now Schools have $648 less per student in discretionary spending power

In 2008 Florida's base allocation, that's money districts can spend on things like teacher salaries, student programs, insurance, and other costs was $4079.74. This would be $4,852 in current dollars.

In 2018 Florida' base was $4,204.42 or just 47 cents more than last years, $4,203.95.

This means schools have $648 less per student in spending power and this is what Rick Scott has called historic spending and where he is obviously lying he isn't the only one.

Politifact gave speaker Richard Corcoran and his republican cohorts a mostly false when they tried to say they are adequately funding, nay over funding education.

A little over a week ago the house majority office released a video which said everyone, school boards, superintendents the media and your eyes, was lying but them as the sought to defend their indefensibly poor education spending. Politifact today said they were the ones that were lying. 

From Poltifact:

The Florida House Majority Office said that it’s "a myth" that per-student funding only rose by 47 cents this year.
The claim that per-student funding only rose by 47 cents definitely needs context. But calling it a myth goes too far, as does the Republicans’ claim that per-pupil spending is really closer to $100. Moreover, not every district will get that per-pupil amount.
An amount that high is only possible once you factor in all education-related spending. That includes a good chunk of money that has to be spent on specific purposes like school security and mental health. The increase in the base student allocation (47 cents) represents the amount of money left over for flexible spending, which districts can use for student programs, teacher salaries and other operational costs.
The office's statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. We rate this claim Mostly False.
The republican's in Tallahassee are trying to starve and dismantle public education, and they are hoping their base gets caught up in words like liberal elite and union bosses and don't take the time to look at what they are actually doing. They lie as easily as I breathe.   
Friends we have to step up and say enough is enough before there is nothing left to fight for.

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