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Monday, May 7, 2018

Jason Fischer calls Superintendent Willis misleading

Responding to superintendent Willis's letter that the district was only allocated forty-seven cents per pupil in discretionary spending:

Jason Fischer said via facebook:

Jason Fischer Chris Guerrieri If someone makes a claim it’s reasonable and fair for them to be asked to them cite their source, something an educator worth their salt would appreciate not denigrate 😉. Additionally, your post fails to cite the language in the bill, it’s just a link to a misleading letter. The bill, which I voted against, doesn’t actually mandate that you have an SRO in a school at all times. Some districts are proposing the highest cost options possible and claiming that that’s what the law requires but it’s simply not true.

Fun fact, Fischer, Terrie Brad, Paula Wright and I all went to Ed White high school which makes me wonder where he went so wrong. The rest of us care about education where he wants to dismantle it.

First Superintendent Willis's letter only has a little to do with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act” and instead mostly talks about how little in discretionary money the state has given to the district as most of the money was diverted to safety measures.

I by the way predicted Tallahassee would just take the money pledged for education and just divert it into the security bill which is basically what they did.

There is nothing in her letter that is misleading. Now I get it's uncomfortable for Fischer because where he may have voted against the security bill he did vote for a public ed crippling budget

Look I am all for Tallahassee giving more money for security, however what happened here is they robbed public schools to give money to public schools, though I guess that is marginally better than all the robbing of public schools to give money to charters and private schools that accept vouchers.

Fischer can't hide behind the fact he consistently votes to harm public schools.

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