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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mayor Curry has one constituent and it's not you!

The Duval County School Board has been sounding the alarms about the state Board of Education (BOE) raising algebra 1 scores and doing away with one concordant (a test students can take instead) option known as the PERT.  They say it will cause about a thousand mostly poor and minority students to be unable to graduate.

Paula Wright wrte an op-ed about it here:

The school board has asked the community to get involved and ask the State Board of Education not to change the rules.

Well Anna Brosche and the city council got on board and passed a resolution asking the state Board of Education to keep things the way they are.

This is a great thing because often the city council seems tone deaf to the plight of the school district. The city council should be applauded for stepping up and joining the school board in asking the BOE not to change the concordant scores and to eliminate the PERT test.

Unfortunately mayor Lenny Curry had a different idea and refused to sign the resolution and sent a rather snotty letter to council president Brosche when dong so.

Friends do you know who is on the sate board and is most likely the so called expert that the mayor went to? Well it is mega donor and foe of public education Gary Chartrand that is who. Chartrand a grocer by trade with no education experience used huge donations to Rick Scott to basically buy a position on the state board of education where he has attempted to manipulate the state's education policies. By the way he sent his children to expensive and exclusive private schools

Why would Curry side with Chartrand over both the city council and the school board? Well it is because Chartrand owns Curry and we saw a lot of evidence of that last year when the children's commission changed their rules to fund Chartrand's charter school KIPP's school day.  And by the way Chartrand doesn't even live in Jacksonville though his money must spend just fine here.

Curry went against the board and the council and thus the city's citizens and children because there aren't enough zeroes behind our donations to him, where Chartrand and his pac have filled Curry's coffers until they are overflowing.   

So thank you City Council President Anna Brosche and the members of the city council who voted for the resolution to protect our children but shame on you Mayor Curry for siding with one of your agenda driven donors against our children.

For shame Mayor Curry, for shame.  

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