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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Superintendent's interviews, Micheal Dunsmore

22, community members, only one the retired Miami Dade administrator that Shine brought in feels they need to say who they are representing. Um she shouldn't be here representing Shine, she should be hear representing the people of Jacksonville.

Has a background in counseling and is soft spoken.

He reminded me of Dale Robbins who we probably should have hired in 2012 for superintendent but like Robbins he may be to old, I have a feeling this group is looking for someone younger, though as Mrs. Willis has shown us over the last year a steady hand can be a very valuable one.

Says he is a big picture person and likes to challenge his staff.

Says we have allowed anti-public education legislators to control the narrative about school and boy have we. As bad as it may be there I have to think the problem is probably worse in Florida than it is in North Carolina.

Spoke about allowing teachers to be creative and autonomous and how teachers know their students best. Probably the best answer I have heard to any question all day long.

Closing a schools was his hardest job. 

Hardest day of his career was when he lost a teacher. 

Dunsmore is obviously a detailed oriented and compassionate man with a wealth of experiences and I like that he was a wrestler too but that being said he doesn't have a chance to be picked and it's not because his answers were bad and he wasn't prepared. His low key demeanor would just be to hard of a sell to all the competing interests in the district.    

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