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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Jason Fischer and the republican members of the Duval delegation all gets Fs from the Florida Education Association

It has been a bad week for Jason Fischer and the other members of the Duval delegation, Senator Aaron Bean, and representatives, Byrd, Yarborough and Fant.

First Politifac excoriated their defense of their poor education funding by giving their defense a mostly false review.

Then the Florida education association came out with their legislator grades and they all received Fs and Fischer received the lowest grade of all, a two year average of  3.85 out of 100.

Jason Fischer works for the Voucher king Jason Kirtley and he recently steered 2 million tax payer dollars to one of his biggest donors all the while consistently voting against public education and starving it of resources. Friends it is time for him to go.

You may not like to hear it but if public education is important to you, if you think teachers should be treated like professionals, if you don't believe in crony capitalism or the rich buying politicians, and or if you care about tax payer money being spent responsibly, it's time to get rid of the republican party. Twenty years of their leadership has done enough damage.

We can and should be doing better than Fischer who has never represented the people of district 16 who has some of the best schools in the state, schools he consistently votes to harm.      

1 comment:

  1. Sadly Jason will wear thia like a badge of honor. If you don't know something and you aren't particularly interested in learning about it then you just don't know. This is doubly true when you are being paid not to know. Unfortunately it's the kids that suffer. Sad.