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Friday, December 4, 2020

At some point Greene and the school boards silence on veteran teachers taking pay cuts becomes complicity.

 The state sucks; what they did sucks, but you know what? It's Florida; people in public education should be used to it. I can scream all day about the unfairness that happened, but I am a teacher, and who is going to listen to me. The thing is, Greene and the board have to know what is happening is a travesty; people may listen to them, and at some point, their silence becomes complicity and shame on them.  

I wasn't in the negotiation, so I can't be sure if the district squeezed out every nickel like some people have said. I do know we routinely keep more in reserves than we need to (I asked the district today how much we have kept), and the district, when selling the referendum, said over and over again they were spending 500k in emergency maintenance. Where will that money now go is a question I think that needs to be answered.

Two last points, if there is no more money, then why didn't the district try and include some non-economic gestures to ease the blow. Why not more PTO, for example. Increase their workday to 8 hours though letting them work that extra time at home, which would just be a fraction of the time most teachers already do. #$&%ing something anything?!? 

Then where is Greene and the boards op-ed, letter to the editor, press conference, whatever explaining just how #$&%ed veteran teachers got? Green writes a letter every time the wind changes direction, but on things that actualy matters, she is radio silent?  She has already shown she doesn't care about our health and safety, so it's not a stretch to think she doesn't care about our economic well-being either. Her being silent on the matter speaks volumes.

I am not going to lie; being out tens of thousands of dollars over the course of my career hurts, but it's the blatant and ongoing disrespect from the state and the district that burns me the most.

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