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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Duval County Public Schools Contact Tracing fails to keep us safe.

We should be doing better because it's hard to imagine us doing any worse. 

DCPS has an “it’s better to be lucky than good” strategy.  

These are a small sampling of things people have told me. 

Teachers pressured into going to school if they don’t feel well. 

Teachers being pressured to return when they are still sick. 

The front row of a class quarantined but nobody else. 

Half of a married couple. 

One child but not their siblings. 

A parent but not their child, and child but not their parent. 

People someone regularly collaborates with told not to test after one of their group tests positive. 

Days or weeks to get into contact after exposure. 

Cases, lots of cases that don’t make it onto the dashboard. 

Cases at a school kept under wraps. 

We have been lucky so far, but as cases skyrocket, everywhere, how long will that luck hold out? My guess is not much longer. 

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