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Saturday, December 5, 2020

DCPS needs to let people know where that extra 500k a month is going.

 I was initially against the referendum. I know the district needs money, but a referendum ties its hands with what it could do. A millage increase could be used for anything, including salaries, and as veteran teachers are about to get @*#$ed, we see how important having flexibility would be. I was told by a district official to get me to support it that when the referendum passed, the district would have some more flexibility to help with pay; well, friends, where is it? 

We heard it over and over again, the district is spending 500k a month on emergency maintenance from the general fund. Well, that time is rapidly coming to an end, and I would love to know where that money is going to go because it doesn't look like salaries. If the past is prologue, we can expect to see some more high-priced suits and a new computer program or too. 

Look, I get it, the state sucks, but that doesn't mean the world comes to an end. It means you get creative.

What about experience and longevity bonuses. Bonuses aren't the same as salary, but they do put money in people's pockets. What about increase work time to 8 hours for veterans and letting them work that last 2/3 hours remotely at their discretion, an idea a friend on FB came up with. Those teachers are already working it and now let's just get them paid for it. This wouldn't be a raise, but it would put more pay in people's pockets. Then what about PTO. Just because teachers have more days doesn't mean they are going to use them, and this, at least at some point, would help make up for the disrespect. You know, how about something, anything.     

Losing money hurts, and make no doubt about it, few have lost more than veteran teachers, but it's the blatant disrespect that has come from Tallahassee and the district that really burns my toast. 

I will not support the new contract, and I get it, our people worked really hard, and I would urge you not to as well.

At some point, if we want things to get better, we have to stop willingly taking their crap. That just makes it easier to give us more later. If the district would have been vocal and fought instead of just accepting this, who knows, we might be in a better place. When the contract is ratified and I am sure it will be, it at least won't be because I gave it approval. 

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