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Monday, December 7, 2020

Is DCPS hoarding money?

 Is DCPS hoarding err saving cash? I was told they were and have since asked the district how much of their budget they are keeping in reserves. It's my opinion it shouldn't be more than one dollar over the statutory minimum. DCPS has needs that are going unmet.

I was told they were doing so in case the commissioner decided not to release funds for distance learning students next semester. Two things, despite the district's push, Governor DeSantis has already said that distance learning can continue, and with Biden in the White House, some help is bound to come, though to be honest, the amount will be determined by the Georgia runoffs. 

If we have anything, even if we have to go through the couch cushions, we can't hold it back.   

We don't have nearly enough subs. In the last two days at my school, there were double-digit openings and, as far as I can tell, no more than 2 subs. Now at my school, paras can get subs, so it's a little unusual in that regard; what else is unusual is the placing of certificated personnel in these empty slots, something that, as far as I can tell, has never happened before.

It's not just my school that this is happening at, but most of the other schools in the district.

Then and I am going to bring this up over and over, thousands of veteran teachers will see a pay cut if the new contract is ratified. That is just not acceptable. Yes, the state has handcuffed the district, but there are ways out if that if the district were to be creative. I haven't seen much of that.

I remember 11 years ago, Pratt-Dannals, with 120 million dollars in reserves, called for a financial emergency, denying teachers their step raises #$@% them over. This cost teachers in DCPS hundreds of thousands of dollars.

11 years later, I would bet dollars to doughnuts we are doing the same.

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