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Monday, December 14, 2020

DCPS says teachers getting what is owed to them is their best offer

If there were no covid and SB 641, if this year was just a repeat of last, veteran teachers would get their step raises or performance pay; in fact, they might get a little more because the state increased the per-pupil allocation by 137 dollars. Now DCPS is saying even with an additional 4.5 million dollars in their coffers from SB 641, veteran teachers can have their step raise and 91 dollars. Well, friends, something doesn't add up.

If you divide 4000 into the 4.5 million dollars, you get 1144, or you know about the same amount that was already due to teachers.

So, where did the extra money go? I believe it went into their reserves, which are about 70 million dollars.

I have heard teachers say, well, we better take this, or we will get nothing. Um, why is that true? Wouldn't we just go back to the table? It's fear-mongering to say this, and people should know better.

People have also mentioned the newer teachers not getting their big raises if we don't settle. That's ridiculous too, that money is here and not going anywhere. 

If we take this offer, what we are really taking is a heap of disrespect and a devaluation of the profession. If we take this contract elementary school teachers won't get fair planning, and those that gave up half of their probably won't get it back.  This offer is a slap in the face, and I can say no to that. Sadly some teachers are saying, can I have another.

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