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Saturday, December 12, 2020

I will be voting no on the new contract and if you are a teacher in DCPS so should you

 You know a contract offer is bad when even people voting for it admit it. Over and over again, I have heard, yeah, it's not good, but what are we going to do. I will tell you what you should do, say no. Say no to the disrespect, say no to the shoddy offer, that robs Peter to pay Paul, say no to the threats, just say no.

First, friends, nobody should be voting on anything until after the Georgia elections. If the Democrats control the senate, help will be coming. Why the rush to lock us in now? Because it saves the district money, money they don't want to spend on staff.

I have heard over and over budget cuts are coming. Um, I have been writing about those budget cuts since April. Maybe now isn't the time to get concerned about them. Where is the super and board informing the public and rallying them against the cuts? Where is the press conference, the editorials, the town halls, and community meetings? Nowhere that's where. 

Then how soon people forget. During the great recession, teachers sacrificed. They gave back and took less. A decade later, they still haven't recovered. What makes anybody think if we do the same now, things will be different. The district and state will roll us back and then shrug their shoulders when things get better. Teachers have to draw a line and say no more.

Young teachers need to step up. You are going to get your big raises at some point. It's going to happen. But is your planning going to improve if you vote for this contract? Probably not, and if you teach in elementary school, you are going to be yoked. 

Finally, I may have crap put upon me, but I won't willingly take it, not even during a pandemic, and neither should you. 

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