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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Greene’s continued indifference to teacher pay cuts and other issues is deafening

Channel 4’s piece about a tentative teacher contract had Union head Terrie Brady talking about how unfair it was, and lest you think that is her job, it really was unfair. 

The state ended two bonus programs to increase the starting salary minimums. This will ensure that many veteran teachers will receive pay cuts, while people new or fairly new to the profession will be taken care. 

In Duval, thousands of teachers will make less money, which will happen times ten across the state. 

Here is what Brady said. 

From WJXT News, 

Brady said while she believes the tentative deal is still not equitable, it’s as fair as can be under the situation created by HB 641, which siphoned off the funds that had been distributed through the Best and Brightest teacher bonus incentive program. 

“We want to at least maintain for our veteran teachers, it is not equitable, it’s not fair. But I think they got what our county wanted to do to give them what they got, at least last year, they got the step movement, and they got their performance pay,” Brady said. 

Fair enough, but my question is, where is the superintendent of the year? Why isn’t she chiming in? Does she not care that it’s not fair, and are we easily replaceable cogs to her? 

The article also talks about an extra three million above what the state gave them, but before you say, see, they really do care, here are a couple facts. 

The district said they were spending 500k a month on emergency maintenance, something they will no longer have to do. That’s six million dollars. 

They are sitting on about 70 million in reserves, which is more than ten million than they are required to do so. 

The state also increased per-pupil spending by 137 dollars. Now that may seem like a lot, but like everything DeSantis does, it’s a kernel of truth in a cob of lies. Most of that money was earmarked for increased contributions to the Florida retirement system. Most of it but not all of it. I don’t know how much of that extra 15 million wasn’t sent back to the state, but it’s my bet it was in the millions. 

This contract was not the best we could do. It was the best the district was willing to do, and as usual, teachers’ pay the price. 

Subs, terrible contact tracing, so far all this has received a collective shrug from Greene and the board.

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