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Friday, November 18, 2011

Did nobody read this? The right is wrecking public schools so they can make a buck.

What do you need? Jeb Bush on your lawn laughing at you? Your kids doomed to a menial exsistance?

To read the story click on the title of this blog and then be prepared to be outraged and to please do something. -cpg,0


  1. I posted this on FB yesterday. No one except you, me, and one other person have expressed any outrage! That concerns me as much as this article!


  2. Separate the true bad guys from the pack. Can't say "right" or "left" that's too general. Be more specific. There are a lot of conservative people I know personally who find this reprehensible. Just keep educating and don't give up. Support your statements for credibility or it becomes the old finger point game which gets us nowhere.